Violet, the color of transformation, is assigned to the crown chakra, which represents the access to cosmic consciousness and the "Higher Self". The pineal gland is assigned to this chakra. Violet can help to alleviate all annoying evils that are based on hormones, because this gland controls everything that has to do with hormones. Combined with yellow, this color should not be missing in any child's room.

Take a look at some purple flowers; most of them have yellow pistils. Mother Nature knows very well what harmonizes well with what.

The color violet can help us to release old entanglements and to move step by step into a healthy, new future. It helps to dissolve and transform any kind of negative energy. Shadows dissolve and become light. Violet calms the restless thought processes and difficulties that do not allow us to rest even during the night.

Violet also has a calming effect on the central nervous system and can therefore be helpful in cases of hyperactivity, nervous complaints and all kinds of over-stimulation.

Energetically speaking, this color can be supportive in the following situations:

>• with sleep disorders
>• supporting in cancer diseases
>• when the meaning / purpose of life is hidden from me
>• with the feeling of having lost my identity
>• when I feel desperate and left alone

>• see also information about the Crown - Chakra

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