Red symbolizes danger, red symbolizes caution: be it at traffic lights, road signs, tail lights, toxic chemicals, toxic mushrooms, toxic animals. Red clearly signals: Caution! Caution!

In the human body, the color red is assigned to the area from the feet to the coccyx and the base chakra and, energetically speaking, it also has an effect in these areas. For example, red helps people who are not grounded and stimulates the circulation in the legs.

Red activates. Red revitalizes. Red like the fire, red like the blood. Red=energy. It is interesting that the color red is called the so-called fast color in connection with the tachyons, although, physically speaking, red is the color with the slowest vibration. Red is the color of strength, health and vitality, energy and excitement, helps with constipation, frigidity and impotence.

Perhaps the Moulin Rouge in Paris is kept in red for these reasons ;-)

Energetically speaking, this color can be supportive in the following situations:

>• in acute states of fatigue
>• for lack of love for yourself
>• with a deep-seated uncertainty
>• to ground yourself (after meditation)
>• for chronic exhaustion

>• see also information about the Root - Chakra

>• Goethe und Celsus

>• red
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>• light-yellow
>• lime green
>• emerald green
>• rose-coral
>• aquamarine
>• indigo blue
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>• magenta
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>• opal
>• crystal clear


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