Orange symbolizes joy of life, letting go, digestion and is assigned to the sacral chakra in the human body. In this region of the body are the small and large intestine, the kidneys and the lower part of the back. Orange is the mixture between red (the spiritual grounding) and yellow (the wisdom ray). Why do you think Buddhist monks are dressed in this color?

To digest well, we need this color. We can use it not only to digest food better, but also in unpleasant situations or people who "get on our nerves". Orange brings joy of life. Orange brings light. Orange brightens up. Orange strengthens gently but firmly. Orange can be used to increase one's own physical performance. Therapy sessions with this color can harmonize past and present shock situations.

Energetically speaking, this color can be supportive in the following situations:

>• when I can no longer relax
>• to feel a feeling of bliss
>• to connect with my gut feeling
>• for problems in the urogenital / digestive area
>• in case of changes in hormone balance (puberty or climacteric)

>• see also information about the Sacral - Chakra

>• Goethe und Celsus

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