Opal helps to materialize concrete plans and ideas. Opal contains the entire visible / invisible color spectrum and thus all information about all things.

We fondly remember the case of a young man in summer 1997 who wanted to take over a new job. He was relatively sure of his direction, but he still lacked the "something" to take the step. On our advice, he wrote down his situation on a piece of paper and placed it under a Pyramid of the Sun.

When we met him again two years later, he told us that three weeks after he had bought the Sun Pyramid and had performed the "ritual" with the note, he could start his new job. He is still working there and is extremely satisfied. But what was bothering him was the fact that he could no longer find the pyramid: it disappeared without a trace. Of course it is not in our power to make objects disappear.

However, it is interesting to see that if you trust certain things and let them take their course, you can achieve something that seemed "impossible" before.

Energetically speaking, this color can be supportive in the following situations:

>• strengthens clear vision and visual acuity
>• interesting to support "money rituals
>• for the fusion of body, mind and soul
>• interesting for people who suffer from nightmares
>• gives a feeling of warmth and security

>• Goethe und Celsus

>• red
>• orange
>• gold
>• yellow
>• light-yellow
>• lime green
>• emerald green
>• rose-coral
>• aquamarine
>• indigo blue
>• violet
>• magenta
>• lilac
>• opal
>• crystal clear


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Made with Love and Compassion