Lilac awakens hidden potentials and activates them very gently. Lilac is used by people who do not yet know exactly in which direction they want to go, but who already have a small idea about it. It is also known as the "spring color", because its potential also consists in awakening dormant energies and making them sprout. Lilac is the color with the highest potential.

Similar to pink, we can only use its full potential if we can fully surrender to the vibrations of this color.

This is why lilac is often used by people who cannot trust other people and especially themselves. It is possible to heal deepest injuries with lilac colored tachyon products and to let the world shine in a new light. Lilac-colored tachyons change color depending on the light conditions, similar to the most expensive gemstone in the world, alexandrite.

In artificial light, lilac appears bluish in color, while in sunshine the color shines in all its glory.

Energetically speaking, this color can be supportive in the following situations:

>• to feel a feeling of harmony and peace
>• to bring order in chaotic lifestyle
>• to perceive the wonders / fullness of life
>• in case of lack of self-esteem, which I cover up
>• to get access to dreams and messages

>• Goethe und Celsus

>• red
>• orange
>• gold
>• yellow
>• light-yellow
>• lime green
>• emerald green
>• rose-coral
>• aquamarine
>• indigo blue
>• violet
>• magenta
>• lilac
>• opal
>• crystal clear


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