The fact that nature has given us the gift of being able to perceive colors with our eyes is surely due to a variety of reasons. Light and color form a unity. Without light there would be no color. Rays of light that hit a matter are reflected by it. Depending on its wavelength, this radiation appears to the human eye as a certain color.

Light is one of the most important sources of energy and its importance for us is certainly very great. Colors are living forces and sources of strength, if we use them correctly.

Colors are anything but universal. Which colors are perceived and distinguished in what way depends strongly on the respective cultural group. In some languages there are no separate words for green and blue or yellow and orange, while the Inuits alone know 17 words for white. Even when it comes to assigning attributes to the colors, there are differences between the peoples.

Studies show that Japanese and US-Americans attribute the concepts "warm" and "cold" to the same colors. Red, yellow and orange are considered to be warm colors, while blue and green are classified as rather cold. But when it comes to assigning the attributes "good" and "bad" to the colors, differences arise.

What would Coca-Cola and Ferrari be without its red. What would the Mövenpick chain be without its red-orange? As you will learn later, the color orange helps to stimulate digestion. We know from our own experience that many large corporations deliberately have specialists use the "right" colors for their products and marketing.

By the way, leading scientists have proven in hundreds of evaluations that colors trigger physiological reactions even in blind persons; reactions that could even be determined in advance, although the persons could not "see" the corresponding colors !

>• Goethe and Celsus

>• red
>• orange
>• gold
>• yellow
>• light-yellow
>• lime green
>• emerald green
>• rose-coral
>• aquamarine
>• indigo blue
>• violet
>• magenta
>• lilac
>• opal
>• crystal clear


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