Emerald green is the color that represents the center of the human body. It is therefore ideal for balancing the entire body and all organs. This color gives space and gives width, because it is assigned to the heart chakra as well as the lungs. It is the main color of Mother Earth. All plants, which are so important for us, give oxygen.

So we can never have enough of green. Emerald green helps to promote recovery and would therefore be a very effective color for the interior of hospitals, health centers or clinics.

Emerald green - treat yourself to a few moments every day and visualize that you are in the middle of green. Whether you are lying in a meadow and looking at the grass and flowers or you imagine that you are in the forest, see the trees, inhale the scent. Let yourself be carried away by the emerald green every now and then. Choose a few plants for your home that you like.

If possible, choose plants that have round leaves. Because round shapes are harmonious and give you the feeling of being at home. Meanwhile, it has been scientifically proven that the frequency of this color can provide valuable services in cases of susceptibility to infection and cancer.

Energetically speaking, this color can be supportive in the following situations:

>• to let go of the past / for new beginnings
>• for heart complaints / respiratory system infections
>• when I carry a lot of grief and anger around with me
>• if I cannot ask for help / support
>• to give me space for my own ideas

>• see also information about the Heart - Chakra

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