THE color of communication. We need the interaction with other people and living beings to feel really comfortable. This color is assigned to the throat chakra, the shoulders and the throat. This chakra, along with the solar plexus, has to do with hidden fears and shocks. People who suffer from a lack of self-confidence feel the energy void primarily in the solar plexus and find it difficult to express themselves to other people.

Blockages in the throat chakra often have to do with traumas and shock experiences that took place in early childhood:

Accidents, rape, abuse, stress births and near drowning are common causes and can cause symptoms such as permanent acne, eczema, allergies of all kinds and whiplash. Aquamarine helps to broaden the horizon and enables access to one's own feelings and emotions. Aquamarine is also excellent for exam nerves, stage fright, shyness, stuttering and fear of strangers.

Energetically speaking, this color can be supportive in the following situations:

>• strengthens the self-confidence
>• promotes access to artistic potential
>• when I avoid being in the spotlight
>• for immunodeficiency and increased susceptibility to infections
>• to overcome shyness / stage fright

>• see also information about the Throat - Chakra

>• Goethe und Celsus

>• red
>• orange
>• gold
>• yellow
>• light-yellow
>• lime green
>• emerald green
>• rose-coral
>• aquamarine
>• indigo blue
>• violet
>• magenta
>• lilac
>• opal
>• crystal clear


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