The sensational success of our sales partner in South Africa was the decisive factor for the market launch in Europe:

For a hospital in the Johannesburg area, which specializes in the treatment of children with burns, he provided AQUA*TACHYONIA in large quantities free of charge, because a self-accident in the kitchen had given him the idea: while cooking he had burned himself with boiling oil. As a self-made man, he then immediately wrapped his forearm with a gauze and soaked it with AQUA*TACHYONIA several times a day for three days.

When he removed the gauze after three days, he a) had no more pain and b) the skin looked "like new", without scars. His personal experience tipped the scales in favor of contacting the hospital management of the (x)-Hospital.

Despite the overwhelming success of this project, it had to be discontinued after a few months because the repression by a pharmaceutical company was no longer acceptable to the hospital management. It was said: "Either you stop using this strange water or we will not supply you anymore!

We offer VITA*SOMA, which is nothing else than AQUA*TACHYONIA in spray form, as 30ml and as 100ml spray. It is used with great success to soothe insect bites, to regenerate and care the skin, to strengthen the hair, for sunburn, for eye inflammation (spray on the closed eyelid), after shaving, for energetic scar removal and to soothe all kinds of burns.

Interesting note: Since both VITA*SOMA and AQUA*TACHYONIA are filled in tachyonized MIRON violet glass, you can use the flacon for the rest of your life. If it is empty, simply refill it with water; preferably, of course, with revitalized water. To "make" such water, you can use our award-winning Aquivator or one of our Energy Cards.

Content: For the production of VITA*SOMA, which we have been offering since the end of 1999, we only use pure spring water.

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