This feedback is on the one hand absolutely extraordinary and yet totally frustrating. It is a feedback from South Africa, from one of our sales partners who have been based there for many years.

Decisive for the market introduction in Europe of VITA*SOMA were the sensational successes he had in South Africa.

For a clinic specialized in plastic, as well as aesthetic and reconstructive surgery for burns in children, our sales partner provided VITA*SOMA in large quantities free of charge.

After about 6 months he received a phone call from the management of this clinic: He was informed that despite the absolutely overwhelming success of this project, it unfortunately had to be discontinued because the repression by a pharmaceutical company was no longer acceptable to the hospital management.

The statement of the delivery company was apparently:

"If you do not stop using this product (VITA*SOMA) immediately, we will not supply you with medicines or medical accessories !"

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