This feedback reached us on 03 May 2011 from a customer living in Luxembourg. The customer describes in detail how she used VITA*SOMA for her tomcat. At the end of the e-mail -we quote true to the original- she writes, mentioning her husband:

"We both marvel and wonder. We don't understand anything about the technique that you offer, but where we can perceive the effect with our five senses, something is happening. And something positive. And that is gratifying.

Our black tomcat has the left half of his head full of thick fissures and scabs. Every time he comes home it looks worse. There the package with the tachyon products arrives. The tomcat gets some spray of your water on his wound.

Late in the evening the he comes by again. The wound already looks less bad. A few more spray bursts ... In the morning you can clearly see that the healing process has started.

If he would come around more often, the problem would surely be solved. Even if the enthusiasm of our cat is limited, when he sees me coming with the spray bottle, my enthusiasm is even bigger. Especially since we have another cat problem.

Four weeks ago another cat had an accident and had to have a hind paw completely amputated. The stump of the leg was sewn in and the abdomen was cut open to 12 centimeters. The scar actually healed very well except for 1.5 cm, which is not really scarred and wetting now. Diagnosis from the veterinarian: cut open again and sew again. I drizzled Vita-Soma water on it yesterday. Today the skin looked less swollen and was tighter."

Then the customer describes the effect of the VITA*CARD, which she also received with this package:

2. The purple card. Without telling my husband, I put the purple card into his pillow. He told me spontaneously the next morning that he hadn't slept so well for a long time. I then told him about the card. He left it in his pillow and found that his sleep was more balanced and he felt more rested.

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