The following feedback refers to an event that took place in the summer of 2000 in Ibiza: An extremely painful encounter of a jellyfish, which a little boy of about 9 years will probably not get out of his mind so quickly.

We saw - just like many other beach vacationers - how a boy ran screaming out of the sea around 16.00 o'clock.

He ran straight to the place his parents were installed on the beach. Immediately, a larg crowd of people formed around him. When we realized that he was apparently injured by a jellyfish, we decided after a short hesitation to give him our Vita Soma spray.

We then told him that it was "normal" water, that he could spray himself on the affected area.

To take away his fear of it, we first applied it to ourselves. Amazingly, he applied it immediately. We then left the bottle to him and told his parents that they could give it back to us tomorrow if he was better by then. That same evening, around 7:00 p.m., he came up to us with a big smile and gave us the bottle back with the following words: "Muchas gracias. Todo ben!". Which means: "Thank you very much, everything is fine!

Once we arrived at the hotel, the incident had made the rounds in the meantime, we were approached by other vacation guests and we were shared the VITA SOMA spray and also the Bach Flower Cream, which we also always carry with us, a few more times in the next few days.

Personal experiences, especially with mosquitoes that we experienced in the dominican republic, have shown us before that this "water" has really fantastic properties.

Thank you very much for your wonderful products !

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