The basic principle of meditation is to observe the inner processes: thoughts, emotions, fears, wishes, memories, dreams. Meditation can help: to get to know yourself better, and to find more calm and inner peace.

The two terms "meditation" and "medicine" have the same origin; both are branches of the sentence: "that which heals". For that which makes us healthy is medicine. Seen on a higher level, meditation. The term meditation comes from the Latin meditari, which symbolizes reflection.

In order to make it a little easier for interested people to find their way into their inner being, we offer a small but fine selection of Tachyonized objects that are designed to bring more light into their own meditations. The products are designed to help people feel that the solutions are inside their own bodies and have not manifested outside.

When we devote ourselves to meditation, we purify our mind and accumulate wisdom.

Energetic cleaning: Tests (including kinesiology, radiesthesia, bio-resonance, radionics, etc.) prove time and again that it is not necessary to "cleanse" BIOTAC LINE© Tachyon products. Unlike precious and semi-precious stones, they cannot "charge" themselves.

Duration of effect: The duration of effect of our products is - with the exception of textiles - comparable to that of magnets; i.e. a few decades.

>• ATLAS-Wands
>• DNA-Wand


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