The DNA-Wand is primarily used for physical problems (injured knee, broken bones, stomach cramps, etc.).

For this purpose, the DNA-Wand can be rolled back and forth on the affected part of the body. Do not forget to additionally visualize that the affected cells start to regenerate.

The DNA-Wand made of pure borosilicate with the engraved double helix generally supports visualization in general physical blockages, cell purification and cell regeneration.

length 12cm, diameter 18mm

Extract from the Channelling (translated from Swiss German) of February 18, 2002:

"You can play a little bit with the DNA-Wand and "go deep into" it. In the way that you hold the DNA-Wand there (chest / heart area) and maybe even go to sleep with it.

As you know, you work with information carrier materials such as glass and silicon.

During the Tachyonization process, we transfer a lot of information into this stick. This is not only healing knowledge, but also other basic information. It would be really interesting to meditate with the DNA-Wand and just let yourself "drift"; let yourself drift in the images that you receive. Whether this is in consciousness or during sleep. And an advantage would be, what is said again and again, maybe it has to be said: "
Say what you want before you do it! Don't just hold the DNA-Wand there and see what happens, but you may really give us an assignment.

You are allowed to express wishes! You may give us a concrete order and you may program the individual products for yourself and, if you wish, for others. Do it.

It is not just something that attracts tachyons. Tachyons, that is not just electricity, that is not ampere, that is not kilowatt. That is consciousness! You keep forgetting what you are actually dealing with. That's okay. And if you knew what this consciousness actually is, you could and would deal with this consciousness in a very different way. You would perhaps begin to speak with this consciousness as you communicate with each other when you want something from each other. That is O.K.

It is perhaps like a computer that you have received and it is so that you can "run" more than one program on this computer. More than just WORD or EXCEL. There are many other programming possibilities. They are all already on it (on the tachyonized products). All possible programming is already there. Call them up or say what you want and need. You can program it on (on the products).

The products are already pre-programmed. Now program yourself exactly what you want. What do you want when you order a soup in a restaurant? You have the possibility to order the soup so that you are no longer hungry. But you can also order a soup so that you have energy for a new task. You can order a soup from many different angles. We can only emphasize that with these products you have something crystal clear in your hands. Basically something pure. So far something programmable. The more fuzzy you are about purpose, the less this energy can be channelled.

We can only give you the tip, be clear about what you want. The clearer you are, the clearer is the support! You may always ask for help. For internal solutions, for external solutions, for personal solutions. We are there. We are there immediately. We are always there. Please do not forget that we will not do anything unless you ask for it!

You cannot make any mistakes in this respect. You only make experiences. And once you understand how simple certain things are ... how simple certain things are ... are effective, because we have the solution for everything. And if we can't do that with our knowledge, then we will continue to ask. We do not know everything either. And we are not allowed to do everything and do not see everything.

We also have a source, where we can turn to at any time. And he, or this source, this divine source, is there. In a fraction of a time impulse it is there. It is always there. And it is a beautiful source. And "it" has connections that you cannot even imagine. And that source is there to support light-filled things ... if that is desired. We help you with energies, with light, with whatever you wish.

We give you the tip: Express yourself clearly. In thoughts, in prayers, in words, in meditations. Express yourself just as clearly as in a restaurant when you order. It all lies ... in the word. In the thought. It is so simple. It is so simple.

No effort is necessary. Joy is necessary. Joy and fun. Effort? You do not need to toil. You may work, you may work with joy. If you work with effort ... hmm ... it should not be an effort, it should not be tedious. You will see: It is a fantastic thing. It is something beautiful that you have there. Just as it is getting light now, so it will be light for many people when they come into contact with these products for the first time.

We thank you all and please don't forget, we don't have any watches. Time is a quality that we do not know in the form you have. So we can manifest things, in qualities of time that you cannot necessarily grasp.

We wish you a lively, light-filled cooperation, further work and a joyful time and we are actually always there with you.

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