The ATLAS-Wands, meticulously manufactured with pure crystalline borosilicate, represent maybe the highest vibrational energetic object that you can find in our range. Since its introduction in 1998/1999, the ATLAS-Wands (120mm x 24mm) don’t cease to amaze EVERY person.

Together with the DNA Wand, they heralded the new generation of BIOTAC Line© products designed by us in the mid-1990s.

The ATLAS-Wands are suitable for both therapeutic and spiritual applications:

>• for the chakra balance
>• for meridian activation
>• to balance the two halves of the brain
>• to release tensions in the neck area

>• for "detoxification"
>• to promote intuition
>• to activate the "third eye"
>• for deep and relaxed meditations
>• to expand the mental consciousness

Application for the personal well-being

To enjoy the effect of the ATLAS-Wands, you can hold one of these 12cm long wands made of pure borosilicate in each hand. Via the crown chakra, life energy (CHI) then flows noticeably through the spinal cord to the base chakra; all chakras are thus included. In a short time a pleasant tingling sensation can be felt, which manifests itself throughout the entire body.

As the ATLAS-Wands are a crystal-clear tachyon product, the attributes associated with this "color" are primarily manifested. We have published detailed information about this color under this link.

By the way: The ATLAS-Wands represent a unique tool for people who want to improve their psychic abilities ... and / or work as a medium.

The targeted and conscious use of the ATLAS-Wands can also help to release energetic blockages. Interesting and helpful in:

>• learning problems
>• mental fatigue
>• mental tension
>• to prepare projects
>• to get good ideas
>• Head and neck pain
>• to purify body and mind

Without wanting to diminish the attributes of the other products, we are convinced that the ATLAS-Wands have the most interesting potential. Without exception, all persons using these two wands for the first time are surprised by their effect. The effect of these borosilicate wands is absolutely unique !

Therapeutic application

One possibility to use the ATLAS-Wands during a therapy would be the following:

The patient takes (in a sitting position) an ATLAS-Wand in his left hand, encloses it with his right hand and then gently guides both hands to his body at heart level. The therapist takes the other ATLAS-Wand in his hands and gently touches the patient's neck with one end of the ATLAS-Wand. The patient can now concentrate mentally or verbally on his subject; the therapist guides him. The results that this "ritual" brings to light are often of great benefit to both parties. Let yourself be surprised!

Another interesting application is to use an ATLAS-Wand as an "eraser": While the patient rests on the massage table, he can hold an ATLAS-Wand - as already described - in front of his heart. The therapist then takes the other ATLAS-Wand and uses it with gentle circling movements on the areas that require energetic treatment. Direct skin contact is not absolutely necessary; treatments can also be performed over clothing.

In the field of Kinesiology & Touch for Health, the ATLAS-Wands are ideally suited to activate low-energy meridians. They can also be used to harmonize over-energies. This tachyon product is a wonderful aid for people who are involved in meridian work.

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Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion