The following attributes are assigned to the brow chakra:

* Time * Consciousness * Light *

Its symbol is the lotus flower with two petals.

The Ajna chakra (ajna = perceive), known as the "third eye", is located in the middle of the head between the eyebrows. It is associated with the pineal gland, whose main function is the production of melatonin. It controls the sleep-wake rhythm and other rhythms of the body. The pineal gland reacts to external light.

It is also believed that this gland produces small traces of the psychedelic chemical substance dimethyltryptamine.

The color vibration indigo blue, which naturally also occurs in flowers and gemstones, represents the energy of peace. At this point we take the liberty of mentioning that it was certainly no coincidence that for centuries artists have depicted the Holy Mother Mary in heavenly blue.

Associations on the physical level: Indigo is "electric", cooling and contracting. This color frequency stimulates the parathyroid glands, which produce the hormone parathyroid hormone. This hormone increases the calcium level in the blood. Indigo has a calming effect on the thyroid gland and cleanses the blood circulation and can also help to reduce or stop heavy bleeding. Indigo helps with muscle cramps and breathing problems. This color can have a very numbing effect and can even cause total numbness. Patients can become painless after exposure to this frequency without losing consciousness. It seems to have been proven that this color increases consciousness, even to the point that we no longer perceive our physical body.

Assignments on the psychological level: Indigo controls the nadis (meridian paths) of our subtle bodies. This color controls the brow chakra. Indigo has a calming effect and can be used during meditation to reach deeper and more relaxed states of consciousness. It has the potential to bring devotion, sacrifice and intuition to awakening. This frequency influences vision, hearing and taste on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Diseases that can be treated with this color frequency: Indigo is excellent for treating all diseases associated with the face (eyes, ears, nose, mouth and sinuses). It can also be used for lung problems and to treat obsessions. Furthermore, this color may be called "healing color" par excellence. This color vibration generally helps with bad memory, inflammations, headaches, high blood pressure, lumbago, sciatica, insomnia and infections. It can also be used for overactive thyroid glands.

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