Like all living beings on this earth, man is also exposed to the polar forces of the earth energies and the energies of the cosmos. The life energy flows thanks to the different tension potential of two poles (e.g. Yin and Yang). Just as electric current flows from the positive pole of a voltage source to the negative pole, the electrons causing the current flow from the negative pole to the positive pole.

From this it can even be determined physically that one force, let us call it X, is responsible for driving another force, let us call it Y.

In the same way, our body is exposed day and night to an enormous exchange of energies; energies from the cosmos, energies from the earth, vibrations and radiation.

It is therefore not surprising that humans react to even the finest external influences: Be it weather-related fluctuations or even mood swings.

Since the atmosphere represents the positive pole and the earth the negative pole, energy flows "primarily" from top to bottom. Other people in our environment also represent the plus pole, and our body the minus pole. Impressions bounce into us from outside.

If our energy centers (chakras) are stable and balanced, it is easy for us not to be influenced. However, if one or more chakras are unbalanced, we suck impressions of all kinds into our aura.

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>• Root - Chakra (Muladhara-Chakra)
>• Sacral - Chakra (Svadhisthana-Chakra)
>• Solarplexus - Chakra (Manipura-Chakra)
>• Heart - Chakra (Anahata-Chakra)
>• Throat - Chakra (Vishuddha-Chakra)
>• Third Eye -Chakra (Ajna-Chakra)
>• Crown - Chakra (Sahasrara-Chakra)

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>• Alignment of the chakras
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