The following attributes are assigned to the crown chakra:

* Purification * Transmutation * Spirituality *

Its symbol is the lotus flower with a thousand petals.

The Sahasrara-Chakra (sahasrara = thousandfold) is located on the crown, in the middle of the head.

It is the chakra of consciousness and "controls" all other chakras. It controls the pituitary gland, which in turn produces hormones that regulate other endocrine functions and bodily functions; for example, sleep, growth, the female cycle, urine production, the function of the thyroid gland, the sexual organs, and the water and salt balance in the body.

Interesting for people who are apathetic and apathetic, without hope and without joy of life. The violet color frequency can often have extremely positive results in chronic diseases. Violet stimulates inspiration and humility. It helps to promote dream activity. The "true" violet consists of 50% blue and 50% red and represents the balance between the physical and the spiritual.

Associations on the physical level: Violet stimulates the spleen and calms the motor nerves, the lymphatic system and everything associated with the heart. This color frequency nourishes the blood in the brain stem. It purifies the blood and balances the levels of potassium and sodium in the body, thus promoting bone growth. Violet is assigned to the midbrain and the pineal gland and is thus responsible, among other things, for the protection of the entire organism.

Assignments on the psychological level: It reminds us that we need both aspects to live a balanced and healthy existence. Violet helps to restore the right perspective on the earthly aspects of life (including physical health) and the spiritual aspects. And in such a way that we can use both elements for our own good. This color is excellent for calming or getting over excesses of violence. It controls mental excitability and excessive hunger. Violet is an inspiring and spiritual color. During meditation it can help us to open ourselves to past lives, especially those that affect our health. Leonardo da Vinci believed that the effect of a meditation can be 10 times stronger when you are in the beam of light in a quiet church where the sun shines through violet stained glass windows. Violet is an extraordinary healing color.

Diseases that can be treated with this color frequency: Bladder diseases, bone growth, meningitis, cerebral inflammation, concussion, cramps, epilepsy, kidney disease, leukoderma (localized discoloration of the skin due to pigment reduction as a result of skin diseases), mental disorders, nerve pain, nervous disorders, rheumatism, sciatica, scalp problems, tumors and skin problems. Extremely interesting experiences, in connection with our tachyon products, we can register with phantom pain.

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