Chakra is a Sanskrit word and means wheel, circle, but is also translated as lotus flower. The chakras are life energy centers or vibrating bodies in the energy body of the human being.

They are connected by invisible energy channels (nadis) and are each located in the immediate vicinity of an important organ.

The centers, which move like a whirling wheel of fire, collect, transform and distribute energy of all kinds; not only cosmic energy (prana), which manifests as breath.

Chakras are nodal points where the spiritual and physical interpenetrate. The Indian chakra teaching knows seven main chakras.

From the base of the spinal column towards the head, they follow the course of the brain stem and spinal cord in an anatomical spiral. Yoga philosophy assumes that a person's level of consciousness depends on the vibrational frequency of his chakras. If the chakras rotate quickly, they shine strongly and clearly: The person is physically and mentally healthy and is on a high spiritual level.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, when all main chakras are completely open and the life energy (prana) can flow without blockages and disturbances, one speaks of an enlightened person. The knowledge of the chakras is another important component in the production of our products and is included in our therapeutic applications in order to achieve a holistic development.

>• Root - Chakra (Muladhara-Chakra)
>• Sacral - Chakra (Svadhisthana-Chakra)
>• Solarplexus - Chakra (Manipura-Chakra)
>• Heart - Chakra (Anahata-Chakra)
>• Throat - Chakra (Vishuddha-Chakra)
>• Third Eye -Chakra (Ajna-Chakra)
>• Crown - Chakra (Sahasrara-Chakra)

>• Energy system of the chakras
>• Alignment of the chakras
>• Chakras and DNA


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