All living beings on our earth, just like us humans, have a so-called vertical energy system. Just as trees, for example, absorb vital energy from the atmosphere through their branches and leaves, they also absorb vital energy through their roots to nourish the branches and leaves. We can speak here of a cycle that takes place vertically (from top to bottom, from bottom to top).

Now it is so that the chakras in our body also take up a very specific position. However, the position, or rather the alignment of our chakras is subject to change. While in babies and small children the chakras are still aligned horizontally, with increasing age they turn and tilt 90 degrees.

They now practically take on the function of a funnel.

This is true for the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth chakras; the base chakra and the crown chakra retain their horizontal position because they represent two gates. The consequence of this realignment of the chakras is that we cannot simply "let go" of emotional events.

They are, so to speak, stuck in us and influence us day and night. The advantage of the horizontal alignment of the chakras is of course primarily that cosmic and terrestrial energy flows can flow unhindered from top to bottom and from bottom to top.

With our tachyon products and targeted visualizations you are able to readjust the alignment of the chakras.

This realignment strengthens not only our aura, but our entire organism; we are less susceptible to disease.

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>• Root - Chakra (Muladhara-Chakra)
>• Sacral - Chakra (Svadhisthana-Chakra)
>• Solarplexus - Chakra (Manipura-Chakra)
>• Heart - Chakra (Anahata-Chakra)
>• Throat - Chakra (Vishuddha-Chakra)
>• Third Eye -Chakra (Ajna-Chakra)
>• Crown - Chakra (Sahasrara-Chakra)

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