The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol that symbolizes the many facets of life.

Wearing this pendant can help to re-establish contact with the positive material side of life, to feel centered and grounded and to perceive one's path in life more clearly. In our practice we have found that the Tree of Life is often chosen by daydreamers ... and also by people who often get lost in (too) many tasks.

Chakra-Balancing / Meridian cleansing: Used as a therapeutic „instrument“, the Tree of Life may help our body cells to remember how they should work. It also can be used (flowing movements) to deblock meridians and for activating acupuncture points. To deblock meridians just slide it about 5cm above the body back and forth ... with the tip pointing to the body. The person to be treated can remain dressed.

The crystal clear Tree of Life is ideal for cleansing the aura and, of course, rooms, to clear its thoughts and helps especially people who do not know where to go. Wearing this pendant might help to feel much more grounded, to regain contact with earth and to clearly perceive aid and support in life. We recommend to wear the Tree of Life only during the day. During the night you can put it on the bedside table next to you or hang it up near you.

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Feng Shui: Another interesting application is the integration of Feng Shui measures in the revitalization of rooms. For this purpose, the Tree of Life can be hung on a thread in low-energy sectors.

The crystal clear Tree of Life purifies and conveys clarity.

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