Actually, we had decided to publish only keyword feedback until we received this e-mail on February 09, 2017:

"I think that at the moment many sensitive people are being "twirled around" a bit and that there is a big battle between light and shadow going on right now. I believe that this intense pink can help these people right now to stay on the path of the heart and not be distracted by the dark forces.

I am convinced that this pendant connects to the heart and can help to experience joy, love and divinity. When I held the pendant in my hand last night, I felt the presence of Our Lady Mary and I think that she belongs to the Pink Ray; St. Germain was also omnipresent. A deep pink; the pink of compassion and the violet of transmutation. Interesting.
Love S."

The following keywords were written down after customers told us what kind of emotion the pendant was awakaning in them:

it lives * healing * centered * protection & warmth * health * happiness * joy of life * cocoon * embrace * angel * happy * flower meadow * detached, ordered * calm * creates space * connection with God * a door that opens * I heard my heart * crazy * smile * butterflies & elves *

Inspiration / Synchronicity: The idea to create this pendant was born after a conversation between Raphaël and Marco Raffaello. This conversation took place in a boutique in Switzerland called Le Papillon Bleu (the blue butterfly). Why are we telling you this?

When - a few days later - Norbert from the German headquarters received the first two Yo pendants from the glassworks and told Marco Raffaello by phone, Norbert (a little excited) interrupted the conversation to take this photo.

Norbert, who designed and manufactured the first tachyon products in 1995, was 305,36km away from Marco Raffaello at that time ;-)

Since the Yo pendant is made with a magenta-fuchsia color mixture, there is possibly a connection with the three following Equilibrium oils from Aura-Soma:

Nr. 67 * Divine Love

This essence is perfect for people who are overworked and have practically no time for themselves. This essence is often chosen by people who think they are exposed to many disappointments. This oil may generally help to positively stimulate the energy flow of all chakras and supports when a new chapter in life begins.

Nr. 69 * Sounding Bell

People who choose this Equilibrium bottle believe that they have nothing more to learn and may go through many extreme personal bad luck experiences. Does not believe that he/she will receive the love he/she needs and therefore carries a lot of frustration with him/her. Strives in the most bitter way towards success. Is unable to take a step back and look at his situation in a neutral way.

Nr. 77 * The Cup

This essence can help you to become a person who is also interested in spiritual questions. Is capable of questioning himself. Has a strong charisma and a great power of persuasion. Can bring clarity into unclear situations. Carries the Christ Consciousness within himself. Is in harmony with the cosmic laws of the "Divine Plan". Has access to love "from above".

Material of the pendant: pure crystalline silicon, individually handmade

Size: Ø 30mm, approx. 9mm thick

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Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion