Do you suffer from extreme fatigue and feel physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted?

Wearing the VENUS*RAY helps to balance the Yin and Yang of our being and helps those who tend to rigid and structured thinking. People who think that they are dependent on everyone and everything may find in this pendant a good means to step out of this way of thinking.

The VENUS*RAY makes the electricity in our body circulate.

With the VENUS*RAY, drinks and water can also be revitalized excellently. Place the pendant in a carafe or in a glass of fresh water and let the VENUS*RAY act on the drink. The trace element copper fulfills various tasks in the human body.

Material: pure crystalline silicon and pure copper, individually handmade

available in two sizes:

Venus*Ray, large: Ø 40mm, about 8mm thick
Venus*Ray, small: Ø 24mm, about 5mm thick

Special features of the large VENUS*RAY

On one side, eight rays are embedded in the glass, from the center to the outside; the other side is smooth. The number 8 is, among other things, associated with the attributes of abundance and power. The energy of this number can help balance unbalanced facets of life and move forward in life (private / daily).

The number 8 symbolically represents the planet Saturn, which can be called the planet of the harvest. For the Romans, Saturn was the god of agriculture and was considered a symbol of the mythical "golden age" (saturnia regna).

In the Tarot, the number 8 is assigned to the card "The Force".

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Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion