Asked if Tachyons can be made visible, our answer is yes. In the year 1938 the couple Valentina and Semjow Kirlian had made the "accidental" discovery that with the help of a high-frequency generator, objects photographed with this new technique show a luminous halo around an object.

In the Soviet Union at the beginning of the 50's a fast development took place with the Kirlian photography; showing extraordinary possibilities of use. In 1987, when this technique was declared a state secret, about 80'000 scientists were working with it.

NASA began to apply scientific data around Kirlian photography and classified it as "top secret".

In a high frequency field the ionic, electronic and tachyonic radiation emanating from an object represents a characteristic phenomenon that applies to all natural bodies, including living organisms. This field that surrounds every living organism is known today as the "Aura". It already appeared in the Middle Ages under the name "aureola". Nowadays there are various devices with which the aura can be detected.

It is very interesting to contemplate "auric photos" of plants and other organisms. Through such photographs, qualified and experienced specialists are able to identify the state of health and physical problems. It may seem surprising to you that there were and are apparently people who are able to see the aura. It is therefore understandable that for most people this is an incomprehensible phenomenon.

Fortunately, for decades there has been a fairly simple optical gadget with which the aura can be made visible. We owe this landmark invention to the physician Dr. Walter John Kilner, born on the 23rd. May 1847. Dr. Kilner was at that time the first specialist in electrotherapy at St. Thomas Hospital in London. This era was marked by countless sensational scientific discoveries: Heinrich Hertz and William Crookes fascinated the intellectual world with their revealing publications. In 1895, Wilhelm Röntgen invented X-rays. Do not forget that the majority of this invention is based on data from Nikola Tesla!

Conclusion: the human body, seen as a whole, with an innumerable number of cells, which in turn emanate measurable waves, is surrounded by an electromagnetic field. On the first beautiful days in spring it is possible to perceive tachyons with the naked eye. With a relaxed glance at the blue sky you will perceive little golden wriggling dots in the air that look like spermatozoa observed under a microscope.

We assert the supposition that the "stars" that appear around the head in case of pain or after a fall are nothing more than tachyonic particles. From our observations we can state with certainty that Tachyons cluster and interact around an injured area to activate the electric and electromagnetic fields of the affected cells.

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