Science confirms that Tachyon energy has an anti-entropic character, i.e. an effect that opposes chaos, disorder and energetic decline. Entropy is the definition for chaos in our system: the greater the entropy, the greater the disorder.

Nature shows a clear tendency towards anti-entropy: it tries to intuitively diminish the course of disarray (chaos). Countless scientific studies prove that a lack of balance in the energy fields of organisms (plants, animals, humans) sooner or later manifests itself as tension, pain and illness.

The anti-entropic effect of the Tachyon energy causes a compensation and balance of the subtle fields in our physical body. The following could be referred to as the "holistic use" of this energy source. Interactions between mental and physical aspects are directly concerned.

Studies prove that the subtle fields in the human body can be balanced thanks to the energy of Tachyons. Thus an optimization of homeodynamics is achieved. Homeodynamics is the designation for the self-regulating functions that ensure the maintenance of a system that has a tendency to become overloaded by unblocked cell growth, over-structuring or uncontrolled complexity. Another definition is homeostasis.

Tachyons can be defined as "always promoting balance".

In case of external influences that cause disharmony, e.g. electrosmog, Tachyons are able to transform any kind of problem in a very short time and with surprising results.

It is therefore no wonder that more and more physicians appreciate the positive effects of our BIOTAC Line© products, even apply them to themselves and inform their patients. Many thanks to all those who help us communicate and inform.

Our Tachyon products act as antennas that attract energy oscillations of very high magnitude. Applied to living beings they are able to provide each organism with the vital energy of a very high concentration. A denomination for this vital energy is for example Prana, Chi or Od.

The American physician and scientist William H. Philpott describes that healthy cells and healthy cell structures have a magnetic charge that attracts tachyon energy and converts it into biological energy in the form of usable electrons. If a cell enlarges abnormally, inflammation or a proportional sodium-potassium imbalance occurs. Such cells are no longer able to convert enough subtle energy.

This fact leads to the result that these cells are subjected to a successive lack of energy.

If indeed a pathogen cell is no longer able to transform energy into biological usable energy the consequence is that in the other direction the negative entropy of a pathogen cell can be restored by the influx of concentrated tachyonic energy. This fact leads to a natural order, the cell is brought back into a state of equilibrium and is able to recover.

Today we are unfortunately subjected to many external pathogenic influences, causing more and more imbalance with consequences on our psyche and our physics.

Tachyons could represent a way to compensate from harmful external influences and thus help to stabilize and promote our state of health.

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