A Tachyon particle consists in principle of three components:

>• 3 components « Plus »
>• 3 components « Minus »
>• 3 components « Being »

Nevertheless it is a fact that a Tachyon is not composed of three "Plus", three "Minus", or three "Being" elements. Namely that such a composition will not lead to the fact that a Tachyon would rest in itself. A Tachyon always consists of a combination of these three elements. Moreover, Tachyons always form subtle fields that can reach different sizes.

>• if the « Plus » element predominates, the Tachyons « transport »
>• if the « Minus » element predominates, the Tachyons « remove »
>• if the « Being » element predominates, the Tachyons « are »

On the other hand you can imagine that Tachyons behave like a curtain of mist and that they always exist in unimaginable quantities and that communicate with one another: like clouds of birds and like clouds of fish when they are moving or swimming at the same time in the same direction. Scientist Rupert Sheldrake has described this behaviour as "morphogenetic manifestation".

Science describes a Tachyon as a theoretical particle containing energy, with an imaginary mass, which moves faster than light. Theory ;-)

According to statements by Japanese scientists the energy potential amounts to several million joules per cubic centimeter. They contain a flow with a velocity potential of about 800 million volts, which is 100 to 1000 times higher than the energy of the sun. Theory ;-)

Tachyon energy is free and available indefinitely. Tachyon energy is ubiquitous; that is, it is available to everybody and to every country. Tachyon energy can be "harvested" polycentric: at any place on this earth and at will: without creating insufficiency. The wavelength of tachyons is about 10 to the power of 23. Tachyon energy does not lead to environmental pollution because it does not form radioactive elements, toxic exhaust fumes and other harmful toxins.

There are several technical possibilities to use tachyon energy. Below we present some of them:

Exploitation - I : Through the direct exploitation of the "gravitational storm" with the help of the quantum gravity flux. This form of use lends itself to transform the energy of gravity into electrical energy: as a replacement for nuclear power plants, coal-fired power plants, oil heating, car engines, etc. etc.

Exploitation - II : By "antennas" with which the energy of the Tachyons is directed towards high-performance "capacitors", "metamorphosing" this energy through solenoids that change alternating current into direct current.

Exploitation - III : Through the "vacuum field" technology which -among others- is based on the theory that two energy waves cancel each other out. In an "empty field" molecular structures can be transformed from a "chaotic structure" into a "harmonious structure". This phenomenon is called negative entropy or neg-entropy. With this technology suitable materials become "antennas" and attract tachyonic particles. It is with this technique -more or less- that we are able to tachyonize our BIOTAC Line© products.

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