For years we have been asked how our products are made and whether we can buy our technology.

In a device -built according to biophysical laws- we create an electromagnetic vacuum. In this vacuum we create subtle energetic vibrations with very high special frequencies (EHFF). Our Tachyon products are then subjected to these electromagnetic frequencies for a predetermined period of time and "receive" through this process their new subatomic structure.

After the tachyonization process, our BIOTAC Line© Tachyon products are able to repolarize electric and electromagnetic fields and to stimulate the flow of energy and life of all living organisms ... such as our body, cells and DNA.

We can state with certainty that after this process, every tachyonized object of our range has the capacity of a "tachyon antenna" and interacts with the Tachyon particles that exist in unlimited quantities on our planet.

Again: The calibrated oscillations through our tachyonization process completely change the sub-molecular and sub-atomic structure of our tachyonized products. After tachyonization each product acts as a "tachyon antenna" and "attracts" a large number of tachyons. Our know-how focuses primarily on the atomic and subatomic interstices.

During the process of tachyonization the "mechanical frequencies" and the oscillations of the intra-material interstices are permanently transformed. The tachyonization process changes the energetic quality of the interstices: the new energetic structure is reorganized and transformed into a regular and harmonious oscillation matrix. The new oscillation matrix "lowers" the redefined frequencies on each tachyonized object and allows our products to influence all kinds of matter. This statement can be supported by biological and chemical arguments.

Due to numerous comparison applications we assume that our Tachyon products work as long as a magnet. An energy field -similar to the one in and around our Tachyon device- can be produced with super-powerful magnets: they repel each other and create -always under a high electric tension- a neutral field; a neutrally polarized field. This is more or less how artificial gravitation is created.

In this context I remember a BBC program that was broadcast in 1999. In this report one of the most powerful magnets was presented. If supplied with electricity, its magnetic field became so powerful that small insects (spiders and beetles) -which were inside the magnetized tube- began to feel the effects of zero gravity and thus began to float in the air.

According to the information of Einstein's theory of relativity, which is based on the research of the English mathematician James Clark Maxwell (he developed the theory of the ether of light), the gravitational force is related to the geometry of space and time.

As described in the theory of relativity in Tachyons time plays a very important role: it does not seem to exist in a known form. Time, in relation to Tachyons, has completely different qualities and characteristics!

Don't forget: between atoms there are "empty fields". Even between the nucleus, which consists of protons and neutrons, and between the electrons that surround it there is a so-called "empty field". This field is not without energy … it's loaded with energy: subtle energy.

As you probably knew, there is the Hermetic Law - known to the ancient Greeks and Romans - which represents basic knowledge. This law describes -in abbreviated form-: "as above, so below".

* * *

Since 1995 we have devoted all our attention to the manufacture of our products. The responsibility that we apply to the manufacturing is important. It is important to us to guarantee consistent and convincing quality.

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