The word tachyon means "very fast particle", faster than light. The word tachyon comes from the Greek "tachytis" (speed).

What many scientists have regarded with skepticism for centuries, was scientifically demonstrated in the 1960s. Tachyons have therefore been known quantitatively for almost 60 years. Until today several known physicists have proven the existence of this form of energy, which is faster than light.

1896 - Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest inventors -if not the greatest- of modern times, mentions the existence of scalar fields. Many of his inventions made use of this energy. Nikola Tesla is among others the inventor of radio, radar, fluorescent tubes, special turbines and alternating current. He is often regarded as one of the greatest scientists in the history of technology, having filed more than 700 patents (most of which are held by Thomas Edison) dealing with new methods of approaching "energy conversion". In addition, Tesla is recognized as one of the most innovative engineers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. For his part, he liked to define himself more as a discoverer.

1920 - The physicists Levetzkow, Stanyukovic and Shneiderov experiment with gravitational potential energy and produce special phenomena for 20 years.

1960 - Oliver Crane publishes his research results ... according to which mechanical currents and vibrations fill intermaterial intervals. According to this model, empty space does not exist.

1964 - Gerald Feinberg calculates tachyons for the "first time".

1986 - Tonomura Hitachi publishes interesting research results.

1991 - Christian Monstein provides proof of the existence of the "quantum magnetic flux in space".

Scientists such as Todeschini (Italy), Pages (France), Kooy (Netherlands) and Wyniatt (New Zealand) are sure that "tachyonic fields" are extremely rich and full of energy.

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