BIOTAC Line© Tachyon products are suitable:

>• to invigorate drinking water
>• to energize drinks and food

>• as an ultra-effective protection against electrosmog

>• for Feng Shui applications
>• to promote restful sleep
>• to protect our body from telluric radiation

>• to balance the chakras
>• for meditation

>• to drive more relaxed and arrive more regenerated

More and more people are complaining about stress and other health problems that make them lose some of the joy of life. This is hardly surprising because compared to the 1970s and 1980s not only the pace of work but also the pace of life has changed dramatically. It seems that we have less and less free time to enjoy the good things in life.

Obviously, one of the disruptive elements is electrosmog: more and more people seem to be under constant tension and have difficulties to find moments of relaxation. The fact that more and more children are affected makes the situation even more tense. We say it again and again: the most important product in our entire range is the:


The BIOTAC Line© Tachyon product line offers a very interesting choice of energy products (scientifically tested) that make private and professional life much more enjoyable; they help to promote health and represent an advantageous and highly effective possibility!

Our products - which have been on the market since 1995 - help to make private and professional life much more enjoyable. BIOTAC Line© Tachyon products help to promote health and represent a beneficial and highly effective possibility to add a little spice to your life ;-)

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