From a technical point of view, it is not very easy to prove the effectiveness of our tachyonized products with "recognized" test methods. At first glance this testimony is probably due to the fact that very high and subtle frequencies are in play. We therefore rely on indirect methods and try to determine whether we can notice changes in the energy balance of living organisms.

Group I

>• Radiesthesia
>• Aura-Photography
>• Kirlian-Photography
>• Bio-energy field measurements

Group II

>• Electro-encephalographic measurements
>• Analyses with the spectrometer
>• Measurements with bio-resonance and radionics
>• Power measurements in athletes
>• Muscle tests (Kinesiology)
>• Growth tests with plants, fruits and vegetables

Group II test methods can be considered with good conscience as scientifically sound. Scientific analyses and studies conducted with our Tachyon products confirm this statement.

Group III - Scientific studies

The studies and analyses - carried out by independent laboratories with our BIOTAC Line© Tachyon products - can be considered exceptional.

Today, almost all living beings are subject to influences that burden their bodies. In this way, more and more imbalance manifests itself: either on a physical or on a psychic level, leading to rather heavy consequences.

Our Tachyon technology is definitely one of the possibilities to harmonize harmful external influences. It therefore has the potential to promote the health of all beings and also to contribute to an improvement of the current environmental situation.

Let yourself be surprised by the effectiveness of our products! You will see: they are really great ;-)

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