Since the summer of 2020, I have been receiving an increasing number of personal and written inquiries about tachyon chambers. It seems that since the corona era, more and more people have felt the need to promote their spiritual development ... and this - among other things - with the help of tachyons.

In the meantime, there are a large number of so-called "tachyon chambers" equipped with gemstones, semi-gemstones, orgone objects and whatever else ... and more and more "tachyon chambers" equipped with the BIOTAC LINE© tachyon products developed by us.

For various reasons (time, desire, interest ...) I did not pursue this trend any further until I was contacted by Raùl Micieli and Mara Ferracini ( from Italy a good 2 years ago. This contact was initially primarily for the exchange of information regarding the production of our BIOTAC LINE© tachyon products; today I count both of them and their team as loyal friends and valuable "collaborators".

It is a great pleasure and honor to equip existing and new tachyon chambers designed by Raùl and his team with our BIOTAC LINE© tachyon products. A collaboration that is great fun!

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