Drinking water is not only an excellent thirst quencher, but also the most important element in our food chain: without water we can only survive for a few days. Water is the source of all life.

In 1998, a study by the Swiss Consumer Protection Agency concluded that tap water is at least equivalent in quality to most mineral waters. Even though tap water is unbeatably cheap and one compares the mineral content, more than half of the mineral waters purchased at that time contain hardly any more valuable substances than our tap water. The quality is impeccable in Switzerland and can be recommended for drinking with a clear conscience ... so the statement from the government.

Depending on the water quality, the drinking water is either fed into the supply network untreated or undergoes a single or multi-stage treatment. Thanks to extensive water protection measures in recent years, however, the quality of raw water in Switzerland is generally good to very good. Thus, one third of the drinking water obtained can be fed into the supply network without treatment; another third undergoes a single-stage disinfection treatment with ozone or UV radiation and chlorination. The aim of this disinfection is to kill pathogens that are transmitted through the drinking water. The last third goes through a multi-stage treatment.

So far, so good. However, since water memorizes and stores all kinds of information, it is an advantage to revitalize tap water. We have been dealing with this important aspect since 1995 now and offer extremely effective and very affordable solutions with our products AQUIVATOR, AQUAJET and AQUAFLOW.


Inspired by observations and discoveries of Viktor Schauberger the AQUA-Spin was developed. Inside this exclusive vitalizer is a fixed integrated mechanical swirler.

The glass body, in which the swirling takes place, is flooded with light. The energy potential of tap water is noticeably increased by the swirling.

The AQUA-Spin consists of a combination of chrome steel and borosilicate glass and is filled with approx. 1500 ground silicon balls (chatons). 10% of these are zirconias. Since the water has no direct contact to the chatons, they do not lose their brilliance even over years.

The AQUA-Spin can be installed in a few easy steps, you do not need a plumber and you do not have to ask a landlord, because no water pipe has to be opened for installation.

You can simply take the AQUA-Spin with you when you move or you just take it with you on vacation and even then you don't have to give up YOUR water.

Before we now launch the AQUA-Spin on the market, we wanted to be sure to present again a Tachyon product that fully meets our requirements. For this reason we contacted the two Swiss water researchers Sarah Steinmann and Ernst F. Braun in mid-March 2017 and asked them for a detailed analysis of the AQUA-Spin. Its subtle energy potential was analyzed using the method developed by the Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Tap water from an apartment building in the picturesque city of Vevey (French-speaking Switzerland) served as the starting point for this test. The water was filled into 30ml MIRON violet glass, then immediately wrapped in aluminum foil and sent to the laboratory. The reference water was designated as sample 1.

Afterwards the AQUA-Spin was attached to the same tap. The tap water was filled into 30ml MIRON violet glass (after about 20 seconds), then immediately wrapped in aluminum foil and sent to the laboratory. This reference water was designated as sample 3.

As already mentioned, clean water, such as spring water, always forms hexagonal structures, whereas polluted water never does.

Water crystal images of untreated tap water:

Water crystal images of the AQUA-Spin:


When we received the evaluation, we were very astonished: on the one hand about the miserable energetic quality of the tap water, on the other hand about the effect of the AQUA-Spin.

The first four pictures show that this tap water has no invigorating quality. There are also no crystalline structures, as we might expect. Considering that the inhabitants of this apartment building consume this "dead" water every day. Until today we have never been able to document such degenerated water.

We were all the more surprised about the enormous qualitative and energetic enhancement by the AQUA-Spin. The crystal images clearly show that the Tachyonized AQUA-Spin completely changes the information content of the water.

The AQUA-Spin causes a qualitative improvement. It increases the vibration potential of tap water. From a physical point of view, it demonstrably changes the surface tension, which leads to the fact that the nutrient transport to the cell and the pollutant transport from the cell is considerably facilitated.


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