At the end of 2012, we contacted the two Swiss water researchers Sarah Steinmann and Ernst F. Braun and asked them for a detailed analysis of the six Energy Cards in our product range. Their subtle energy potential was analyzed using the method developed by Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto.

A small glass vial was filled with steam-distilled water and placed on the different Energy Cards for a certain time. Afterwards 22 drops were taken with a pipette, distributed on Petri dishes and frozen at -30°C. Then the frozen drops were photographed under the microscope. On the tip of these drops, crystals can form that allow a clear statement about the quality of the water.

Clean and pure water, such as spring water, always forms hexagonal structures; polluted water never does. According to the work "Hexagonal Water - The Ultimate Solution" by M.J. Pangman, published in 2005, revitalized water can clearly revitalize and detoxify the organism in a more optimal way. This, in turn, also helps to improve the absorption of food and a better functioning metabolism.

As steam-distilled water was used for this study, which in principle cannot form crystals (see example photo), we had to assume that no crystalline forms were found. All the more astonishing - according to the statement of the specialist laboratory - were the results obtained.

Watercrystal images of the VITA*CARD

Watercrystal images of the FOOD*CARD

Watercrystal images of the GOLD*CARD

Watercrystal images of the SILVER*CARD

Watercrystal images of the COPPER*CARD

Watercrystal images of the GREEN*CARD


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