Study "Der Wassergeräteführer" 2005

Within the book project " Geräte zur Wasserbelebung (Devices for Water Vitalization)" more than 300 different systems for water vitalization were tested. 40 systems that met the criteria of the laboratory were finally published.

The water treatment systems are divided into three groups:

>• energetic systems
>• physical water treatment
>• filter and reverse osmosis processes

To exclude external influences, all samples were analyzed under exactly the same conditions and subjected to identical parameters. The following parameters were taken into account when evaluating the chemical properties:

>• pH-measurement
>• redox potential
>• oxygen measurement
>• nitrate content in mg/liter
>• conductivity measurement in mS/cm
>• dry residue measurement in mg/liter
>• Parameters of the German Drinking Water Ordinance

For the company TerraLine GmbH our laboratory examined the tachyon system Aquaflow EFH / Aquivator.

Concluding remarks

Compared to the neutral sample, very strong changes are shown, which indicate an improvement in quality. A much looser crystal structure is shown, whereby the technical water quality could be improved.

There are hardly any compaction zones that indicate a tendency to deposit lime or other minerals, as was seen in the neutral sample (tap water from our laboratory). Cross-shaped and compacted angular structures do not appear in the entire image, so that it can be assumed that the solubility of the minerals in the water was significantly increased. Larger crystals may precipitate and clog pipes. The small crystals occurring here have a higher surface formation and are less prone to precipitation.

This means that technical devices can be operated well with this water quality. The technical water quality has increased enormously and the danger of calcification has been reduced to a minimum. This brings a clear advantage for the consumer in terms of maintenance and service life of the equipment he uses.

The surface formation of the crystals has greatly increased compared to the neutral sample, indicating a good increase in the bioavailability of the minerals in the sample. The sample is therefore more suitable as food for the supply of trace elements and minerals than the neutral sample. The energy balance is higher than with the neutral sample and can be evaluated as positive overall. There is a clear energy surplus in the sample. The human metabolism is positively stimulated and supported by the high bioavailability of trace elements and the energy surplus. In this respect, the biological valence of this sample is to be regarded as high quality.

Interestingly, the indirect treatment of tap water results in an increase in 60º degree angle structures, which otherwise only occur in natural spring waters. This means that the biological quality could be significantly increased and adapted to a natural water quality.

Detailed evaluations

In image 1 (40x magnification, left image) a clearly loosened crystal structure is visible. The densified crystals, which appeared in the neutral sample, have clearly decreased. This means that the minerals in the water sample are much better dissolved and thus the danger of calcification has been reduced. The technical water quality could be upgraded well. Furthermore, considerably fewer 90° angle structures occur, which indicates that the device was able to neutralize pollutant information that was present in the neutral sample. This is a positive effect, which is taken into account accordingly in the evaluation.

In image 2 (100x magnification, center image) star-shaped crystal structures appear in the center of the image, indicating high surface formation. This clearly shows that the energy level of the sample could be increased. The overall energy balance is positive and therefore the water sample has an invigorating effect on the consumer when consumed and stimulates his metabolism, which was not the case with the neutral sample.

In image 3 (400x magnification, right image) a very well formed star-shaped crystal structure with a clear 60° angle can be seen. Such star-shaped crystal structures indicate a high natural water quality, which was not present in the neutral sample.

This means that the tachyon system was able to cause a renaturation of the water sample and at the same time the bioavailability of the minerals was significantly increased. The result is a high quality foodstuff, which is able to supply the human body with sufficient minerals and trace elements, which could not be detected in the neutral sample.

Image comparison with the neutral sample

Both from a technical and biological point of view there has been an increase in quality compared to the neutral sample, which is advantageous for the consumer.

It is also astonishing that the water quality could be improved from a technical point of view, although only indirect treatment of the water sample took place. The system thus shows a clear advantage for the consumer in its application. We evaluate the system with the grade 1.9 and the judgement good, tendency very good.

Comment on the chemical parameters

The oxygen value has increased compared to the neutral sample. The pH-value has remained the same within the tolerance. The conductivity measurement, the dry residue measurement and the pollutant content showed no change compared to the neutral sample. However the redox-potential could be increased significantly, which indicates an increased energy potential in the sample after treatment, which is also confirmed by the crystal analysis.


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