At the beginning of 2004 we were allowed to make the acquaintance of Mr. E.F. Braun. In contrast to the work of the water crystal pioneer Dr. Masaru Emoto, Mr. Braun knows how to extract any kind of evaluation schemes from his work: the pictures may speak for themselves.

In this respect, it was a new experience for us to get to know a scientist who primarily wanted to let the language of nature run its natural course rather than trying to address qualities by means of comparisons. For this reason, you will not find any interpretations in this study; just let yourself be guided by the fascination of the images.

To avoid falsifying the results, steam-distilled water was used as the basis in all studies we commissioned from Mr. Braun. Steam distilled water, when frozen, usually does not form crystals, as is the case with "normal" water.
Here we present a typical pattern.

Therefore, the results achieved with the VITA*CARD were all the more interesting and informative. According to Mr. Braun it is really astonishing, which bioenergetic potential is in this small Energy Card. He assumed - based on previous tests with similar energetic products - that actually no changes will occur.

In May 2004 we asked Mr. Braun to realize water crystal images of water that has been revitalized with tachyon energy. For this purpose we sent his laboratory a VITA*CARD.

We quote from the original report:

The card was taken into the hand and the following sentence was said once:

"Harmonize and vitalize the water. Thank you."

Then a glass of distilled water (which rarely produces crystalline forms) was placed on the card overnight. Then 22 water drops were frozen and digitally photographed under a microscope.

The following six photos result from this study. They clearly show hexagonal crystalline structures, which can only be found in water samples that originate from clear and natural springs !

PS: After receiving the original pictures we colored them blue with Photoshop for presentation on the homepage. Normally they are black and white images.


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