In autumn 2003 we were contacted by a Swiss researcher who has been working on the topic of water for several years. He has taken water samples in Europe, Japan, the USA and other countries, and checked them for their chemical and energetic quality.

Inspired by the publications of the analyses on our homepage, he was interested in using our technology in the development of his own products. When he contacted us, he offered to test the potential of our Aquivator so that we could present his method to a wider audience. He kindly gave us the pictures that were created in the process for our free disposal.

PEWA- Procedure

While Masaru Emoto's technique uses a microscope to observe the formation of "flat", two-dimensional crystals during the transition from the liquid state to the crystalline phase and photographs the crystal images in a short period of time (a few seconds to minutes), the Swiss scientist who did contact us is pursuing an opposite path. In the approach he is pursuing, the water in a diffusion chamber is observed during the transition from the liquid to the solid phase. In a crystallization phase lasting one to three hours, the water forms a spatial, three-dimensional crystal that can be observed with the naked eye and photographed from all sides using standard cameras and thus precisely evaluated.

The difference of the PEWA-procedure is primarily that the growth of the crystals can be traced over a longer period of time and additional benefits can be derived from this in terms of meaningful analyses.

Also with this method it can be clearly determined that water which has been exposed to environmental pollution definitely has different growth characteristics than natural water. Water that is polluted by pollutant information -be it by chemical pollutants or by external influences such as electrosmog- tends to have a disordered molecular structure: such polluted water also has practically no vital forces.

It is therefore not surprising that vitalized water has different growth characteristics than water that is informed by pollutants. The PEWA-method is therefore excellently suited to observe the vital forces of liquids in slow motion.

We are used to being confronted with two-dimensional images in scientific studies. When analyzing crystals, however, it should also be possible to observe the three-dimensional structure in order to obtain more detailed information about the quality of water. Of particular interest is the fact how a crystal grows, in which directions it branches and what kind of ramifications are formed. So the statements of this swiss researcher.

The image on the left documents the crystal growth of normal tap water, the image on the right documents the crystal growth after the Aquivator was attached to the tap and the tap water was revitalized.

The researcher has informed us that he is extremely surprised about this visible result. In this case, the fact that after 90 minutes crystals formed even on the edge of the special vessel should be emphasized. This is evidence of the high bio-energetic power of this water, which otherwise - if at all - only occurs in pure spring water.

The renowned South Korean professor of chemistry Dr. Mu Shik Jhon is convinced that hexagonal water (clustered water) can also be used to cure immune diseases. Why?

Because thanks to its structure, this water flows easily through the hexagonal channels of the cell walls, quickly transporting nutrients into the cell and pollutants out of the cell.

According to Dr. Jhon, the consumption of hexagonal water results in increased fluid intake, more effective detoxification, optimized absorption of nutrients, improved efficiency of metabolism, increased cell communication and resulting improved health.

Water is the medium in which all chemical processes and changes in the cells take place. There are two types of water in the human body: moving hexagonal water immobile water. The "movable hexagonal water" has six molecules with a common hydrogen compound.

Now it is so that only the mobile, hexagonal water hydrogenates the cells. Only water structured in this way is able to integrate nutrients into the cells and transport waste products from the cells and from the body. As already mentioned, newborns consist almost exclusively of hexagonal water. Over the years, however, the proportion of bound water in the body increases and finally dominates. This causes the metabolic processes to run more slowly and also makes communication between the cells more difficult. Toxins are only insufficiently removed, people become ill more easily and age faster. It is therefore important to supply the body with hexagonal water, also to promote the natural healing process.

Since normal tap water and commercial mineral water rarely have a hexagonal structure, it is excreted from the body without fulfilling its actual function; the cells age and become diseased. According to Nobel Prize winner Dr. Alexis Carrell, the cell itself is immortal! Only the liquid in which it floats degenerates:

"Renew this liquid, give the cell the nutrients it needs ".


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