Study * February 2000

The aim of this study was to determine whether tap water can be influenced by tachyon energy and whether quality differences between vitalized and normal tap water can be detected. For this purpose two water samples were sent to the laboratory by mail.

The "neutral sample" contained normal tap water, while "sample 2" contained tap water vitalized with an Aquaflow glass fiber tape developed by Mr. Norbert Kindl. This Aquaflow fiberglass tape was vitalized with the Tachyonization process developed by Mr. Marco-Raffaello Dozio.

In a special procedure the two water samples were then crystallized and photographed by the laboratory.

For clear understanding, the images are divided into three magnification levels: 40x, 100x and 400x. These magnifications allow an optimally clear classification of quality.

Analysis of the neutral sample

Picture AN1 (left) shows crystal structures that are regularly distributed and appear somewhat dense in different places. These compacted areas indicate pollutants that reduce the quality of this tap water.

Dark spots appear in the upper part of the image. This image area is to be assigned to the area of the nervous/sensory system in terms of effectiveness. This system seems to be somewhat burdened by the pollutants if the consumer takes this water permanently.

In picture AN2 (middle) the densified crystal structure is shown a bit more clearly. The crystal-free zone at the edge of the picture is particularly noticeable, which is a sign of vitality weakness. In this case, it must be assumed that this water does not support the nervous/sensory system within the scope of its natural function and therefore has a lower quality than natural untreated spring water, which has not flowed through pipes and has been pressurized.

Nevertheless, there are indications that this tap water consists mainly of untreated natural water, otherwise the crystallization is relatively regular in the rest of the image. Rather roundish shapes appear everywhere, which supports the indication of natural water quality. Rectangular crystal structures, which would indicate heavy contamination or exposure to electromagnetic fields, are not to be found here.

Picture AN3 (right) shows the mentioned roundish crystal shapes, which have a neutral character. These are minerals dissolved in water, which are quite strong, but appear relatively loosened in their structure.

By European standards, this tap water has a relatively good water quality. Strong damaging factors are not visible even in the large picture.

Analysis of the sample with Aquaflow

Figure AMT1 (left) shows much finer crystal structures than the neutral sample. They are regularly distributed over the image. No densification zones in the form of dark spots appear. This is a positive sign, which offers an indication that the mentioned pollutants could not be completely neutralized, but at least energized to such an extent that they can be recognized as pollutants by the organism! Conclusion is that the toxins may be better identified by the organism of the consumer and thus can be better eliminated.

The area of the nervous/sensory system, which is located at the edge of the image during crystallization, is clearly crystallized. Much finer crystal forms appear, so that it can be assumed that the consumer can feel an invigorating effect on his nervous/sensory system by consuming this tap water. This is to be evaluated quite positively.

In picture AMT2 (center) the fine crystal structures are very beautiful. It is noticeable that even star-shaped crystals with a 60° angular structure appear in this sample. The 60° angular structure is the natural form of water and indicates a good quality. In this respect, the water quality was improved, which is clearly expressed in the evaluation.

Overall, the crystal structures are significantly less dense than in the neutral sample. This means that the mineral-rich water could be vitalized by the energization in such a way that the previously neutral crystals appear more lively here. In doing so, they formed the 60° angle, which moves the already not bad quality of the water towards natural quality.

The rectangular structures appear less strongly in image AMT3 (right). In this respect, we can speak of a polarization of the properties after energization. Here, the pollutants have been altered in so far as they can be better perceived by the organism. Therefore, the detoxification may be facilitated. In addition, a beautiful star-shaped crystal with a 60° angular structure is visible. This is the most natural form of crystals in water.

This clearly shows how the energizing process has had an invigorating effect on the sample and was able to enhance the quality accordingly. Since such forms were not found at all in the neutral sample, a very good quality improvement must be assumed here, which moves the water qualitatively in the direction of natural water. If the star-shaped crystals would appear in the whole picture, the quality would be comparable to spring water.

Conclusion: A direct comparison shows a very clear difference compared to the neutral sample. Sample 2 shows a clear vitalization through the energization with tachyon energy. A polarization occurred, so that the positive characteristics are strengthened and the negative characteristics of the water become more clearly perceptible. All in all, a clear improvement in quality can be observed.


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