Five years after we created the Aquaflow tape, the first water revitalization product in our product range, the time was ripe for a scientific study to substantiate the previously positive feedback from our customers.

For this purpose we contacted the German-based specialist laboratory Hagalis AG. In the following years we also let other laboratories (Masaru Emoto among others) have their say.

As you will see when reading through the analyses, there is clear evidence that our products are capable of optimizing the biological and chemical structure of normal tap water in a most remarkable way.

The - for science - most amazing analyses were done at a later stage with distilled water, which normally NEVER crystallizes. If such water is enlivened with the tachyon products we developed, wonderful water crystals are created - contrary to the usual expectations.

Test winner

The evaluation of the large-scale study of the research laboratory Hagalis AG, in which over 300 systems for revitalizing drinking water were tested over a period of 9 years, showed that our Aquaflow system in combination with the Aquivator achieved the best marks in terms of quality / efficiency / price and economy !

>• Analysis year 2000 * Aquaflow
>• Analysis year 2001 * Vita Soma
>• Analysis year 2002 * Aquaflow
>• Analysis year 2003 * Aquivator
>• Analysis year 2004 * Vita Card
>• Analysis year 2005 * Aquaflow

>• Analysis year 2012 * Energy Cards

>• Analysis year 2017 * AQUA-Spin


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