Analysis: water exhaust gas * CHRYSLER Voyager

This analysis will enable us to prove by chemical data and water crystallization images that the degree of environmental pollution caused by toxic exhaust gases, as well as the adverse health effects caused by these same exhaust gases, can be reduced through the application of the BIOTAC MOTAC TRAFFIC© device.

Two samples were analyzed: firstly, before the installation of the MOTAC*TRAFFIC© device, and secondly, four weeks after the installation of this device. Both analyses were performed under the same conditions (time, humidity, temperature, etc.).

For sample preparation, the vehicle exhaust was diverted for 10 minutes into a bucket filled with a specified amount of drinking water from an internationally renowned laboratory in Germany. Both samples were then examined.

The following parameters were analysed: benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, nitrite, nitrate, hydrocarbon and sulphur.

In addition, both samples were also analyzed using the water crystallization technique. Thanks to this new method developed in this laboratory, it is now possible to derive liquid crystals without having to add solvents or other chemical substances. This method is similar to the one developed by the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto. Nevertheless, we do not believe that this system is richer in information or more significant than our technique.

Our new method therefore makes it possible to clearly indicate the nature and quality of all substances tested in relation to their influence on the health of humans, plants and the environment.

Interpretation: water exhaust gas * CHRYSLER Voyager * neutral sample

Image A1 shows very dense crystals with a rigid and non-living character.

The dense areas, which form practically a single amorphous surface, indicate the toxicity of this water sample. With respect to bio-vitality, these crystals must be classified as "low-leveled" which means of very low quality. The total absence of organic and phytoid (plant-like) crystals as well as the absence of 60° angular structures also indicate very low quality and vitality.

Natural spring water always has organic living structures and crystals with phytoic characteristics. As this sample does not have these structures, we can attest that this water is highly degenerated and therefore very dangerous (toxic) to health.

Image B1 clearly shows rectangular structures with a 90° configuration that have degenerative effects on all living organisms. Rectangular and cross-shaped structures indicate that there are no life forces in this sample. The life forces that were in the tap water in our laboratory were completely destroyed by the exhaust fumes. Thanks to all these clues, we find that this sample is contaminated and can cause severe damage to living organisms.

What is interesting is the fact that the exhaust gases of gasoline engines show significantly higher contamination and degeneration than those of diesel engines. Pollutants, especially carcinogenic substances, are much higher than in diesel engines.

Image C1 shows rigid crystalline structures found only in highly contaminated and highly toxic samples.

The optical magnification of all images (40x, 100x and 400x) shows us a sample with degenerated and necrotic vitality.

The original natural structures, visible in the tap water sample as rounded crystals, no longer exist.

Regarding the quality of the tap water sample, we find that this water has changed into contaminated water with toxic effects for all consumers. The rigid and thick structures show an excessive contamination with pollutants that are practically not degradable in water and therefore very dangerous for living beings.

Since on rainy days immense amounts of exhaust gases are dissolved in the water and penetrate into the water table, we can speak of highly harmful circumstances. Therefore, it would be greatly beneficial to be able to neutralize the exhaust emissions and the bioenergetic information of the toxins.

Interpretation: water exhaust * CHRYSLER Voyager * with BIOTAC MOTAC TRAFFIC© device

There are fewer dark areas. In the middle of the image, there are clusters with no 90° configuration. Overall, we see that the crystallization is significantly smoother; therefore, the creation of clusters is much less chaotic. Compared to the neutral sample, we notice big changes that clearly prove a better water quality. This means that after installation of the BIOTAC BG© device, better combustion and a reduction of exhaust gas toxins take place. Exhaust gases prove to be less aggressive to water thanks to the BIOTAC© device.

Apart from linear and parallel crystals, picture B2 also shows us rounded crystals. The crystal structures with a 90° angle have been considerably reduced.

The structures of the water clusters have not only aligned themselves, but they have also been able to keep their original structure, which is quite extraordinary.

This means that the biological value and the biological mechanism of the water sample are not as deeply disturbed as in the neutral sample.

To our great surprise, the virtues of water remain very positive, which is not the case in the neutral sample.

In the C2 image, it is once again very clearly visible that the cluster structure has completely changed. Indeed, there are still some configurations with a 90° angle that indicate the existence of pollutants, but a new cluster structure is now dominant. The angles line up around 15° and indicate that the clusters have changed in a positive way.

Overall, the metabolic biological activity is significantly higher than in the neutral sample. Harmful effects to the human body were also greatly reduced, so we will refer to this water sample as "drinking water". Crystals with elongated needle shapes and 90° rectangular structures are considered to be carcinogenic substances. We find that the carcinogenic tendencies in this sample have been significantly reduced with the BIOTAC MOTAC*TRAFFIC© device.


We confirm that the water quality of the sample with the BIOTAC BG© device has visibly increased. Indeed, the biological value as well as the reduction of pollutants are much higher than in the neutral sample. We assume that these results are due to the fact that there was a "cleaner" combustion. The installation of this device would therefore represent an extremely positive contribution to the environment since it seems to strongly reduce the negative load of the exhaust gases.

As our laboratory has conducted several independent analyses showing comparable and positive results with different vehicles and fuels, we can attest to the positive effectiveness of the BIOTAC MOTAC*TRAFFIC© device. The next step that would confirm these results in a scientific manner would be for other independent institutions to conduct parallel tests. For our part, we are firmly convinced that this device has very positive effects on the environment.

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