In 1997, I had the pleasure of channeling a wealth of information on how tachyon products can be informed by a new process. These products were introduced in Switzerland and later abroad under the label ABEIEZ TACHYON©. These tachyon products were then labeled with a heptagram (the symbol for divine perfection), which - among other things - represents the energy of the Ascended Master Saint Germain.

For this reason, it was only logical that "I" also chose a RAINBOW-Médaillon with a seven-pointed star ;-) .... I am indeed convinced that the Ascended Master Saint Germain is always present in one way or another.


The RAINBOW-Médaillons were primarily designed as pendants; but they are also ideal for introspection. You can place the Rainbow-Médallion of your choice on your forehead or on your heart chakra (as an example) and meditate with it.

Feng Shui

Another option would be to imprint the energy of a room or office with the RAINBOW-Médallion of your choice. To do this, hang it on a fixed thread in the room (and why not on a window ... so that the medallion is exposed to the sun's rays ... and then projects them into the room).

Artisanal manufacture

Each Rainbow-Médallion consists of two faceted rondelles made of pure cristalline silicon, which is used for the manufacture of high-quality jewelry. A special "film" is inserted between the médallions, which took more than two years to develop. Depending on the angle of light, this film shimmers in the colors of the rainbow. Each Rainbow-Médallion is individually handmade by employees of a small, renowned glassworks in Bavaria and then tachyonized by me.

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>• Médaillon * I have faith in myself
>• Médaillon * Everything is possible
>• Médaillon * Raising consciousness
>• Médaillon * Restore Free Will
>• Médaillon * Saint Germain
>• Médaillon * I AM


Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion