Birth / Idea

At the end of September 2022, a sweet little voice came into my head and asked:

"What do you think of the idea of creating a series of medallions with "numerological codes" that transmit precise information to the wearer?"

Cool, I thought. And in no time at all, I designed the first two RAINBOW-Médaillons.

The little dots engraved on each RAINBOW-Médaillon represent letters (similar to a code).

The first RAINBOW-Médallion I designed bears the statement: "I have faith in myself". The second RAINBOW-Médaillon bears the affirmation: "Everything is possible". During the creative process, other statements were born, but not all of them were based on letter codes, but on symbols. It's up to you to discover them ;-)

Thank you dear "universe" for this sublime inspiration!

>• Médaillon * I have faith in myself
>• Médaillon * Everything is possible
>• Médaillon * Raising consciousness
>• Médaillon * Restore Free Will
>• Médaillon * Saint Germain
>• Médaillon * I AM


Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion