Possible applications

The Rainbow-Medallions were primarily designed as pendants; however, they are also ideal for introspection. For example, you can place the Rainbow-Medallion of your choice on your forehead or heart chakra and meditate with it.

Another option would be to impregnate the energy in a room or office with the Rainbow-Medallion of your choice. Simply hang it up on a sturdy thread in the room.

>• Alchemy
>• Tachyon energy
>• Possible applications
>• Symbiosis / Fusion

>• Médaillon * I have faith in myself
>• Médaillon * Everything is possible
>• Médaillon * Raising consciousness
>• Médaillon * Restore Free Will
>• Médaillon * Saint Germain
>• Médaillon * I AM


Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion