Each Rainbow-Medallion consists of two faceted rondelles made of the purest silicon, which is used for the production of high-quality jewelry.

A foil is inserted between the Rainbow-Medallions which took more than 2 years to develop. This foil shimmers in the colors yellow, green, blue and violet, depending on the angle at which the light enters. Due to the alchemical composition of the foil, it can only be produced at very specific temperatures.

The letter codes and symbols are applied to the surface of one side of the locket. The eyelet is made from pure 925 silver.

>• Alchemy
>• Tachyon energy
>• Possible applications
>• Symbiosis / Fusion

>• Médaillon * I have faith in myself
>• Médaillon * Everything is possible
>• Médaillon * Raising consciousness
>• Médaillon * Restore Free Will
>• Médaillon * Saint Germain
>• Médaillon * I AM


Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion