The NAΩS-Talisman acts as a link between the NAΩS*CARD, respectively the glass of water resting on the NAΩS*CARD.

The NAΩS-Talisman acts as a receiver for the information and intentions programmed into the water with the NAΩS*CARD and transmits them to the wearer.

Apart from this, many people find that wearing this talisman immediately gives a feeling of centering and grounding. There is also a feeling of width and size. We can recommend it with good knowledge and conscience to all those who are looking for an energetic object that will help them to stand with both feet on the ground.

Each NAΩS-Talisman is handmade in our studio. Therefore it is unique; just like its future owners ;-)

With a weight of a few grams it is very light. If you take it in your hand during a meditation and hold it in front of the heart chakra, you will be surprised by its gentleness.

Material: pure silicon, height 30mm, width 18mm, depth 5mm
solid eyelet made of pure 925 sterling silver

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Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion