"During the realization of this symbol I noticed that the two letters U and H are reflected in it:

Cause (Ursache in German) and harmonization (Harmonisierung in German).

Hmm, I thought to myself: a bit simple, the whole thing."

Immediately a little voice was heard: "Sometimes simple things have a great potential! And why don't you complete this symbol with three dots: one for the topic body, the second for the topic mind and the third for the topic soul ?

This resulted in the first set of this new energy card ...

. . . which was composed of several colors.

Later our team synchronously determined that we should "reduce" this set to a card that contains all colors:

A) This simplifies the selection for the customers ... and B) Tachyons "know" what is good for us and what spectrum of colors our body needs to be optimally balanced. This is how the 7-colored NAΩS*CARD was created.

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>• application of the NAOS*CARD
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