Optimizes polluting emissions

The real problem with exhaust gases is created by the combustion of the fuel (diesel or gasoline). Since both fuels are inedible and toxic you can assume that after the combustion process a highly toxic mixture leaves the exhaust and is then released into the atmosphere.

Nothing new so far ... right?

Maybe you have already heard of Masaru Emoto? And maybe you have already seen the crystallization images of the studies that have been done with our Energy Cards, our systems for the vivification of drinking water and with our GOLD*CHIP?

You can really assume that our technology (and our products) are capable of transforming the atomic structure of virtually all liquids and materials. Therefore it is also possible for us to change the chemical and atomic structure of fuels (diesel and gasoline). This statement has been verified by the tests we have had carried out by the laboratory Hagalis SA in Germany.

By using the energy of the Tachyons, the combustion is clearly modified and the biological quality of the exhaust of toxic pollutants is completely transformed. The evaluations of the chemical analyses clearly show an average reduction of the following values:

>• 68.30% benzene
>• toluene of 77.63%
>• ethylbenzene of 46.88%
>• xylenes of 64.14%
>• 69.04% nitrites
>• hydrocarbons of 47.37%
>• sulfur of 5.88%

In order to regulate the emission of pollutants, the three tachyonized silica discs of the MΩTAC*TRAFFIC system must be attached on the following places:

Fuel tank: Thanks to the energy of the tachyons (attracted by the tachyonized silica disc) the molecular composition of the fuel changes immediately. As the tachyon energy shows an anti-entropic effect (described in this section) the molecular chain of the fuel (which is rather "chaotic") is aligned in a few moments.

Not only does this "molecular reorientation" lead to a much better and cleaner combustion which - on the one hand - affects the emissions of modified pollutants and - on the other hand - can also increase the engine power.

Battery: Simply put, the battery is a component that stores electrical energy in a chemical form and then releases it to other components called "consumers". Thus, when the battery connects to a consumer such as the starter motor, the chemical energy initially stored and transformed into electrical energy sends the current that passes through the entire circuit and is referred to as starting the car.

By sticking the tachyonized silica disc on the battery the electrical circuit is immediately transformed. The result is an electromagnetic change that affects in a non-negligible way the fusion between the electricity emitted from the spark plugs, the air in the combustion chamber and - not to forget - the fuel.

Another consequence of the transformation of the electrical circuit by sticking the tachyonized silica disc on the battery is the fact that the pathogenic electromagnetic fields of the electrical circuit (a factor capable of causing injury or disease) repolarize in a durable manner. The levorotatory (pathogenic) electromagnetic field is immediately transformed into a dextrorotatory electromagnetic field.

Air Filter: During the combustion process, the intake air, electricity and fuel are the most important components for operating a gasoline engine. Air is a mixture of molecules of different pure bodies; it contains four times as many nitrogen molecules as oxygen molecules. At the risk of repeating ourselves:

by sticking the silica disc on the air filter, the molecular chains of nitrogen (N2 ) and oxygen are immediately aligned. The result is an immediate change that promotes cleaner combustion.

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