As a substitute for all the cab drivers who bought the MOTAC*FENG SHUI set from us, we would like to publish the testimony of a biology student who chose two years ago to offer his services as a cab driver at night to increase his extra income.

What immediately struck me was the fact that I was much less stressed!

And as you can probably imagine I often drive quite unique people at night. At first I tried to create a more relaxed atmosphere with essential oils. But then I noticed that not all my customers reacted the same way. When my uncle told me about your BIOTAC products I thought: "What doesn't kill, makes me stronger!".

As I drive with different cars I fixed the silica washers with tape. This made it easier to remove them after my shift. I was all the more surprised when I noticed that the effect was felt by customers who booked long trips. Loquacious passengers often told me that they feel very comfortable in my cab ;-) After these personal experiences I decided to integrate two washers in my old car.

Slow down ... and take it easy ;-)

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