We received this feedback in late autumn 2007. Following a conference in the Zug region (Switzerland) a banker contacted our team: "I am impressed by your information and would like to test some products! »

Two months later he got back in touch with us and explained to us who had installed the MOTAC*FENG SHUI in his car (Renault Espace) without informing his wife and children: "After about three or four weeks I asked my wife if she had noticed anything lately. She had looked at me strangely and said no.

But didn't you notice that our children don't fight anymore when we go on long trips? Haven't you noticed that they are wise and decent? »

"But yes, you're absolutely right," as we bend back to find the solution to this puzzle.

"Even though my wife doesn't believe in things like yours," he told us on the phone, "this story was turning in her head. To this day I still haven't spoken to him honestly. »

In a recent telephone conversation he confided to us that he had informed his wife. Apparently she was shaking her head.

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