On this occasion we would like to share a testimony of the year 1998. Just after the introduction of the modified MOTAC LINE series a vigorous retiree visited us. In the spring of the same year he bought an old Rustico (old little stone house) in Ticino (Canton of Southern Switzerland).

Showing on an EXCEL list with several enumerations he announced with a little smile: "I would like to buy all these products! »

During our interview he revealed that he had ordered and received a MOTAC ELECTRO and a MOTAC FENG SHUI about two months ago. His recitation completely astonished us: until now we had not been able to share such a testimony: these two products had just been introduced on the market.

"For the past five months I've been travelling every weekend from my home in Ticino. Depending on the conditions on our roads, it takes about two to two and a half hours. Once arrived in my Rustico, I shower and dive into a deep sleep.

Imagine that after the integration of these two Tachyon articles three weeks ago I took my usual shower and went to bed. But I couldn't fall asleep. So I got up and started with some small jobs inside Rustico".

On our question: "But how come? "he answered: "Because of the two tachyonized washers! I am absolutely convinced that this is due to your products. Since they are in the car, I feel - even after long journeys - very relaxed. And, he continued, if these small objects have such an effect, I am convinced that the effects of the others are equal.

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