We are pleased to present to you an extensive range of energetic products that can help to make your everyday life and leisure more pleasant.

AQUA Line * Award winning water revitalization

Our tachyon products improve the quality of your tap water, making it a private "wellness source". Since their vitalizing and refreshing effect lasts, according to experience, at least 10 years, you and your family can benefit from refreshing and revitalized water for many years. In addition to revitalized drinking water, you also benefit from vitalized water when bathing and showering.

ELECTRO Line * Protection from electric smog

In this section we present products that were designed for personal protection against electrosmog, such as the AURA-Shield or the GOLD*CHIP pendant. Furthermore, we present the GOLD*CHIP, a small gold-plated brass disc that harmonizes the harmful radiation of mobile- and smart phones; a small "gadget" that has been on the market since 1997 ... and, with regard to its scientifically proven effectiveness, is unique worldwide!

In a few words: if your smartphone doesn't have a GOLD*CHIP yet, it's really missing something.

FENG SHUI Line * Harmony at home and at work

In this section we present extraordinary, untypical Feng-Shui products, which are perfectly suited to enliven and to harmonize living and working areas. During the production of our Tachyon products we include the following areas of knowledge: • physics, • color theory, • radiesthesia, • natural sciences, • numerology, • astrology as well as the Far Eastern 5-elements teaching.

GEO Line * for a restful sleep

In our consultations we repeatedly find out that both the sleeping place and the working place are geobiologically pathogenic. This means that many places are permeated by invisible, but physically measurable energies (radiation) that burden the organism. Animals act instinctively: they do not stay in such geopathogenic zones. Except domestic cats and insects.

VITA Line * for the personal well-being

salutogenesis: Salute (health) and Genesis (create)

The primary idea behind the products presented in this section is to share a large part of our knowledge and experience with you, so that you can do something for your own personal well-being ... and bring about health and well-being.

MOTAC Line * driving more relaxed

In this section we present products that continue to amaze all users.

MOTAC Electro as well as MOTAC Feng Shui amke traveling much easier for many parents, as all occupants feel noticeably more comfortable ... and generate less stress ;-)

"You may not be able to look into the future, but you can lay the foundation for something future - because you can build the future.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry